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An air tour of the Grand Canyon will be an incredible lifetime experience. The Canyon is a vast creation that is 277 miles long and 10 to 15 miles wide. Touring above Canyon in an airplane with your own window seat will bring its grandeur to life. There are so many amazing views and an air tour brings it all into a unique perspective. Each of these Grand Canyon Air Tour Operators have special permission to fly over the entire expanse and each offers different air tour package options that could include views of Lake Powell and the Marble Canyon where the Grand Canyon begins extending west to where the Colorado River flows into Lake Mead. For air tour details, visit the websites of each participating tour company. Airplane tours can begin from Las Vegas, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon Airport or other origination points. Also see Helicopter Tours.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon ToursWe specialize in discounted tours from and in the Las Vegas area and to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon

Westwind Air Tours - Phoenix & Page Az732 W. Deer Valley Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85027.
Scenic aerial and air/ground tours of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Sedona have been our main focus for over 20 years. Service from Phoenix.

Sightseeing Tours Unlimited - Las VegasYou will fly into the heart of the Grand Canyon flying below rim level around every corner providing spectacular views of the Cathedral Buttresses, Pillars, and side canyons.

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