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Algodones Mexico
A Border Town with Pizzazz

Located a mere seven miles from Yuma, Arizona, Algodones is a must-see destination for vacationers and travelers in the Yuma area. Although the Mexican census in 2005 reported the town’s population as 4,021 people, Algodones, as Mexico’s northernmost town, swells with visitors who cross the border to enjoy a cultural sampling of this vibrant place or, more frequently, to purchase inexpensive prescription drugs at one of the local pharmacies and to take advantage of inexpensive dental work and cosmetic dentistry.

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A Medical Miracle Land on the Border

It has been said of Algodones that there is a greater concentration of pharmacies, doctors and dentists in a mere few blocks than anywhere else in the world. Both Americans and Canadians flock to Algodones on a weekly basis to take advantage of low prescription medication costs. Medical and dental care are also far more inexpensive than in the north. Remember, as well, that Algodones pharmacies require prescriptions for most medications.

So whether you wish to visit Algodones for a new pair of eyeglasses, a doctor’s visit, or a Mexican-flavored vacation, Algodones is a choice destination. Travelers should be sure to check with the U.S. Customs office when planning a prescription purchase for more than a month’s supply. Travel experts recommend that travelers do some research of prospective pharmacies and doctors before making a visit for a health-related reason. Although it is mainly a word-of-mouth system, check into a prospective healthcare provider in advance. Many of Algodones’ doctors and dentists are U.S. trained, but it is helpful to understand credentials and costs well in advance of any procedure.

Algodones Attractions

Noted as a clean town with Yuma, Arizona water, Algodones has all the border town enchantment coupled with a local population eager to speak English and entertain their guests. Although the prescription market has surpassed the tourist business in town, travelers will still find plenty of fun in this colorful little town. Many restaurants offer terrific Mexican cuisine accompanied by an eclectic array of live music. A multitude of shops sell a vast array of souvenirs and other items that appeal to vacationers.

Prices for items are in U.S. dollars and nearly all prices for wares are negotiable. Travelers particularly find the pottery and glassware appealing. Algodones vendors are also gaining popularity for their moving rock and metal sculptures. Clothing and jewelry can also be purchased at great bargains.

Directions To Algodones

Seven miles west of Yuma, Algodones can reached off Interstate 8. The actual border crossing, however, is at Andrade, California. The border crossing is open from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Many travelers park on the U.S. side in one of the lots and walk across to Algodones. Beginning January 31, 2008, anyone returning to the United States through a land crossing must present a U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate, or government-issued identification. Although there is no set date, government official warn that at some point in the near future, only passports will be allowable forms of identification for border crossing.

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