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Hoover Dam Historical Photos

Recent and Historical Photos

Crane Lifting Pipe Crane Lifting Pipe


Intake Towers Intake Towers


Dam Nearly Complete Dam Nearly Complete


Night Construction Night Construction


Safety Signs Safety Signs


Aerial View Aerial View


Concrete Base Concrete Base


Playing At Dam Site Playing At Dam Site


View Looking Upstream View Looking Upstream


Dam Spillway Dam Spillway


Upstream Aerial View Upstream Aerial View


Hoover Dam Hoover Dam


River River


Intake Towers Intake Towers


Generators Generators


Photos compliments of:
Boulder City Museum
U.S. Bureau of reclamation

Also see our other articles about Hoover Dam including how it was built, the men of Hoover Dam, the construction of its diversion tunnels and the high-scaler daredevils. Also view our map of Hoover Dam and its gallery of pictures.

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