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The White Mountains Trail System.

The trails within the White Mountains Trail System are multi-use trails meaning that foot hiking, mountain biking and even equestrian use are permitted. So use caution. There are over 180 miles of developed trails within the White Mountains System and most are between 8 and 16 miles in length, although there are options for making the trails longer or shorter depending upon time, skill and physical condition. Hikers and bikers can bypass some of the "tricky areas".

A particular feature of the trails in the White Mountains TrailSystem is that all trails are connected by either connector trails of Forest Roads. It is therefore possible to hike or bike the entire 180 mile system without interruption. It is important to note that the 2002 Rodeo-Chi deski Fire adversely effected some trails but most remain in original pristine condition. Many of the trails are considered remote and get little action, so in many cases you'll find yourself alone on some trails.

The Arizona White Mountains are is strikingly beautiful, lushly forested and has a wide range of elevations from about 6,500 feet to over 11,000 feet depending upon the area.

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Trail maps can be purchased at the Springeville Ranger District, the Lakeside Ranger Station or from the Pinetop Lakeside Chamber of Commerce.

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