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The Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona rank first and second as the most visited attractions in Arizona. The distance between Sedona AZ and the Grand Canyon is about 110 miles. If you are staying in Sedona, there are several tour companies in Sedona that specialize in tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim. Choose from among several types of tours including bus tours, jeep tours, airplane tours and helicopter sightseeing above the canyon. Silver Spur Tours features small group tours in the luxury of Mercedes built 8-passenger touring vans. Most of the Sedona tour operators offer guest pickup at Sedona area hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts.

Grand Canyon Loop Tours By Silver Spur Tours

Sedona Grand Canyon Tour CompanyWe specialize in personalized Western tours to the Grand Canyon and other beautiful Northern Arizona canyons. We will even create custom tours for an even more personal experience.

Way of the Ancients ToursSee the Grand Canyon, The Hopi People and experience Colorado River Rafting and the Antelope Canyon with Way of the Ancients Tours at a relaxing and leisurely pace.

Redstone Grand Canyon YoursSee the very best views along the East & South Rims of the National Park. Group sizes are limited to ensure a personalized experience.

Native American JourneysOn our tours, you can journey to the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona American Indian Reservations with an experienced guide educated in Native American culture and traditions.

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