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Pictures of Watch Tower and Views of the Grand Canyon at Desert View
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Desert View East Rim Entrance

Yes. There is a Grand Canyon East. But is most often referred to as "Desert View". Although Desert View East is part of the Grand Canyon South Rim, it has its own entrance and self-contained visitor area that includes Desert View Visitor Center, Market Place, Trading Post, Parking Lot, Restrooms, Restaurant, Ranger Station, Gas Station, Picnic Area and even its own campground.

If you're the type that prefers a more tranquil visit to the Grand Canyon South Rim without the congestion of large crowds found at Grand Canyon Village, this is the place. Its view points are equally spectacular as those to the west and even better. Particularly from the top of the Historic Watchtower which is the highest viewpoint at the South Rim.

The Desert View East Rim is the preferred destination if you only have a limited amount of time but yet want to experience the amazing scenic beauty of a World Wonder. Of course, you can spend all the time you want and take the Desert View Scenic Drive, a 25-mile drive west along the canyon into Grand Canyon Village which is overwhelmingly the most visited portion of the Grand Canyon.

Getting To Desert View East Rim

Map Directions To East Rim of Grand Canyon

Desert View Map

Map of Desert View East Rim Click To Download Larger Version

Lookout Points of Interest

Picture of View From Navajo PointNavajo Point © Mike Koopsen

Photo of View From Lipan PointLipan Point Credit: NPS

Photo of View From Moran PointMoran Point © iMke Koopsen

Picture of View From Grand View PointGrandview Overlook © Mike Koopsen

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