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Apache Junction, Arizona
Gateway To Outdoor Adventure.

Nestled at base of the Superstition Mountain, the town of Apache Junction is located on the eastern edges of the Valley of the Sun Greater Phoenix area. Setting just 35 miles east of Phoenix, but sitting on fringes of the Superstition Wilderness Area, it combines the advantages of urban amenities with the treasures of outdoor adventure.

Apache Junction, Arizona has an elevation of 2,070 feet, encompasses an area of 36.5 square miles and a year-round resident population of 42,000 which swells to about 77,000 folks when 35,000 winter visitors begin arriving in mid-October. Apache Junction is a haven for retirees and those that escape the winter cold in of the Midwest and Canada.

A Quick History

Goldfield Ghost Town Goldfield Ghost Town Creative Commons

With roots to the old west mining camps, its past has a long and colorful history of Spanish Conquistadors, ancient Native American cultures, the mysteries and lore of the Superstitions where the hunt for the "Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine" still continues. Today, Apache Junction AZ is a convergence of a western frontier with a growing contemporary marketplace. With its hometown, rural feel next to wilderness territory and close proximity the amenities of the nation's fifth largest city of Phoenix, Apache Junction is truly a melding of both old west with modern living.

Desert Beauty

Wildflowers in Bloom Wildflowers in Bloom Creative Commons

The striking beauty of Sonoran Desert with its stately Saguaro Cactus an they merge with the slopes of the Superstition Mountain forms the picturesque back drop to Apache Junction. The springtime cactus blooms and colorful desert wild flowers are simply gorgeous and watching the lightning storms above the mountain when the summer thunderstorms arrive is truly a sight to experience. And it's not unusual to see winter snowfall that dusts the surrounding mountain peaks. The electric blue skies and year-round ideal weather sets the stage for a plethora of recreation and outdoor enjoyment. Did we mention the most beautiful sunsets in the world?

Apache Junction Attractions

Apache Junction is the gateway to outdoor adventure and scenic views like the famed Apache Trail that begins at the Junction and quickly reaches Canyon Lake and the old stagecoach stop at Tortilla Flats. The Trail soon turns to dirt road, hairpin turns on steep cliffs as it approaches Apache Lake and to Roosevelt Lake. The road follows the trail carved by the ancient Anasazi Indians that were used as a trading route among historic Indian Tribes.

Superstition Wilderness Superstition Wilderness
Creative Commons

The Superstition Wilderness features a world of hiking trails that take you into a mythic history filled with ancient petroglyphs and lores of lost treasures of gold. Wildlife abounds in the area with bobcats, coyotes and even sightings of black bear that make their way from the Four Peaks Mountain area. Jeep and Hummer tours into the wilderness are popular with both tourist and residents.

The lakes of Canyon, Apache, Saguaro and Roosevelt features boating, water skiing, fishing and camping. Paddle wheel boats offer cruises across Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake.

The nearby ghost town of Goldfield was a boomtown during the late nineteenth century. Various large gold strikes allowed the town to balloon to a population of roughly four thousand people. Along with a couple saloons and a boarding house, the town boasted a brewery, blacksmith shop, meat market, school, and general store. Today, visitors to Apache Junction can jaunt over to the ghost town to revisit the glory days of the old west.

Visitors to Apache Junction may also want to check out the Superstition Mountain Museum, which collects the history and artifacts of this dynamic region. With a plethora of Native American, natural history, and geology exhibits, this attraction is ideal for all ages.

The scenery around Apache Junction can be enjoyed over a game of golf, a hike, or horseback ride, or even through the car window.

Apache Junction also boasts several fine golf courses including the award-winning links at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort. The annual Arizona Renaissance Fair that is famous attraction throughout the region. And the Boyce Thompson Arboretum is just a short drive from Apache Junction.

Directions To Apache Junction

Getting to Apache Junction is simple. Just take the Superstition Freeway (US 60) East to Apache Junction. US 60 is accessible from I-10 and Loop 101. Apache Junction shares a border with Mesa and enjoys a more rustic landscape versus it East Valley sister-communities of Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Queen Creek Arizona.

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