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Goldfield Ghost Town
Apache Junction, Arizona

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View of the Superstition Mountains fron Goldfield, Arizona

Once upon a time, Goldfield sat atop a hill near the Superstition Mountains and Goldfield Mountains and was a bustling town that had struck gold in 1892. Today, travelers to the area can revisit this old western past and see an authentic ghost town brought back to life. Located about 35 miles southeast of Phoenix just outside Apache Junction AZ, Goldfield Ghost Town has been called the gateway to the Superstition Mountains. The attractions of town paired with the incredible mountain scenery make Goldfield a must-see destination when traveling through the legendary Valley of the Sun.

Goldfield History

Goldfield - A part of the Past in the Superstitions

Goldfield’s history begins with that historic 1892 gold strike that put this town on the map. The initial strike is believed to have been worth as much as three million dollars which was a huge amount of money in the days of the Wild West. Subsequent strikes continued to support a vibrant population of four thousand people. During its heyday, the town boasted a general store, post office, several saloons, blacksmith, meat market, school house, boarding house, hotel, and brewery. The hearty Goldfield folk led colorful lives in the midst of all that gold.

A growing Arizona town, Goldfield appeared to be a rising star that even threatened to outshine and outgrow nearby Mesa and the fifty mines within its district appeared to have lasting promise of wealth. However, a break in the gold vein caused the town to decline. Although the people made attempts to reopen the town from 1910 to 1926, they were not ultimately successful and the mines never came back to life.

Ore Cars at Goldfield, AZ

Visiting Goldfield Ghost Town Today

The Goldfield of today promises visitors a rich experience steeped in western history. Vacationers can relive the early experiences of the miners by viewing the town and participating in its various activities. As the only true-blue ghost town in the Valley, travelers can expect to tour the underground mines, take ride on the only narrow gauge train operating in Arizona, stroll down Main Street, hit the many shops, view the old buildings, pan for gold, and even watch a rendition of a gun fight. Many visitors also come to visit the Goldfield Superstition Museum which showcases various exhibits related to both the town and the nearby mountains. Perhaps the most popular exhibit is the one featuring the Lost Dutchman Mine. Children will love the ice cream parlor!

Various shops like the Bordello offer visitors a chance to shop in a delightful atmosphere filled with historic décor. The recreated brothel is also accompanied by a leatherworks shop, bakery, saloon, and many unique shops that cater to vacationers. The nearby Goldfield Livery also offers horseback riding activities and carriage rides. Camping is available and the Phoenix New Times has called Goldfield as the best place to take children in the Phoenix area. Goldfield is unsurpassed for fun and old western charm.

Directions To Goldfield

Goldfield Ghost Town is located off Mammoth Mine Road near Apache Trail at the foot of the Superstition Mountains, some of the state’s most picturesque. The location also provides a terrific view of the legendary Superstition Mountains. Goldfield is only four miles northeast of the town Apache Junction which is about 35 miles southeast of Phoenix.

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Goldfield Ghost Town

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