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Videos: History and Mystery of The Anasazi People

Archaeological evidence indicates the ancient people inhabited Canyon de Chelly for nearly 5,000 years as they did throughout the Southwest Four Corners area of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Ancient civilizations of this time are called the Pueblos (Spanish word for village) which refers to the compact nature of village life for these ancient people.

These ancient people were the Anasazi, a Navajo word for "ancient ones". They were the ancestral predecessors of today's Hopi and other Puebloan Indian Tribes. The Anasazi roamed and lived in many areas of the Four Corners regions and constructed thousands of clan villages. The ruins that have been discovered are treasured gifts to the world, including the ones at Canyon de Chelly.

If you enjoy ancient Native American history and the ancient mysteries of prehistoric Southwest civilizations, do yourself a favor. Grab a cup of coffee and watch these series of videos that capture the essence of what life was like thousands of years ago. Not only life at Canyon de Chelly, but all over the Southwest.

My Name is Round Moustache

Meet "Round Moustace" a Zuni-Navajo Canyon de Chelly Guide who shares historic stories passed down by his ancestors as he guides a trek into the sacred canyons. Worth the 29 minute educational look into the ancient past of Canyon de Chelly.

Mystery of The Ancient Anasazi People

The ancestors of today's Native American Indian Tribes built cliff-side cliff dwelling into the alcoves of mountain-side cliffs. They built these dwellings throughout the Southwest including those at Canyon de Chelly which was the heart of the Anasazi for over a thousand years.

History of The Anasazi Civilizations

Master architects of their time. Most stunning building of all time. Beautiful stone buildings were homes to common families. Societies were based upon equality. Men rotated service on public works. The women plastered homes, Men who farmed also carved. Spiritual leaders till agricultural fields. Traditions and cultures of today's Native Americans can be traced back thousands and thousands of years to the Anasazi.

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