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Rafting The Grand Canyon

By AZ Leisure Staff Writers

Ruins Along the Colorado River on a River Rafting Trip Through the Grand Canyon

One of the most exciting ways to experience the Grand Canyon is to book a Grand Canyon river rafting trip. These whitewater tour trips will give you a whole new perspective of the splendor of the Grand Canyon. You'll be looking up at the canyon walls instead of down at the Colorado River. You'll ride the rapids, float calm waters, have dinner on a remote beach, camp under the stars, see evidence of ancient civilizations, meet new friends and get up close with wildlife and personal with nature.

What’s A River Rafting Trip?

Whitewater river rafting trips through the Grand Canyon are an adventure from start to finish. These aren’t day trips, folks. Trips range anywhere from three days to two weeks or more! Rafting tour operators provide the basics including river guides, boats, equipment, food, and sanitation. Some even provide transportation to and from the launch location. Imagine being flown in from Las Vegas and whisked down to the river on a helicopter!

Whitewater Rapids on a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Not all canyon river rafting companies feature helicopters. Your adventure could begin with a rugged hike down into the canyon and end with a hike out of it.

South Rim Grand Canyon Views

Experience Optional

While whitewater river rafting is considered an extreme sport, you don’t need any experience when you book a Colorado River raft tour through the canyon with a professional operator. In fact, many tour operators can even accommodate those with disabilities. Age restrictions do apply for young children and all rafters must be in good health.

River Rafting Trip Lengths

Rafts on a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

The length you choose will affect the pace. Longer trips offer more time off the water where you can hike the side canyons and relax at camp. Shorter trips may travel just a portion of the Grand Canyon and have fewer hiking opportunities. If you want to travel the entire length of the Grand Canyon, consider a longer trip or a trip featuring motorized boats.

What to Expect

Expect to get wet! Expect to get hot! Expect to get dirty! And expect to make lifelong friendships with your fellow travelers. Your tour company will provide you with a list of essentials you must bring with you including footwear, clothing, hats, sunscreen, toiletries, etc. The list will be extensive and you will need to buy a lot of specialized gear. To top it off, all of your gear will need to fit in a standard pre-determined container due to space limitations on the boats.

Expect to lose a little privacy. You’ll be spending all of your time in close proximity to the other rafters and guides. If you’re rafting with strangers, they won’t be strangers for long. You won’t see a bathroom once you descend over the rim’s edge. Instead, you’ll take turns using a crude privy the guides set up at each campsite.

A View From Atop the Cliffs overlooking The Grand Canyon

In addition, clean water will be carefully rationed for drinking, cooking, and dishwashing leaving little for showers. You’ll often find yourself cleaning up at the water’s edge (using the biodegradable soap the tour company suggested).

Dehydration is a major concern during your rafting vacation. Your guides will likely have a minimum quota they’ll make you drink each day – more if you go hiking. Make sure you stay hydrated – even if that means you have to pee more. Modesty isn’t worth dehydration!

South Rim Grand Canyon Views

Expect to get away from the rest of the world. There’s nothing quite as remote as camping by the river’s edge each night. This is a vacation where cell phones and laptops are obsolete. You will be isolated from civilization. Your river guides will have satellite phones in the case of an emergency.

Ready for an an adventure of your life? Choose among the most popular Grand Canyon rafting trip operators and select the rafting tour package that's most exciting to you. Many offer transportation from the South Rim, Scottsdale, Sedona and Las Vegas.

The Spectacular Grand Canyon

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