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Grand Canyon South Rim Winter

Picture of Winter at Grand CanyonPhoto of Winter at Grand Canyon © Mike Koopsen

There are many benefits of visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon during the winter. The canyon is beautiful when dusted with snow. It is less crowded and you can more freely explore its beauty without hordes of tourists. Lodging is more affordable during the off-season. Yes, it can get a bit nippy but days do progressively warm. Generally the views are crisp and clear. Check average monthly temperatures at the South Rim.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open all year and the majority of services are still offered including the free shuttle buses that serve the area around Grand Canyon Village. Walk the Rim Trail and experience its magnificent views particularly if the canyon walls are covered in snow.

A winter sunset is a truly an inspiring and rewarding experience as you watch the setting sun. A brilliant changing of colors as the sun slowly descends behind the western horizon. The array of color reflecting off the snow magnifies the already astounding beauty of twilight. Come. Grab your jacket and gloves. Relish the solitude and tranquility of the Grand Canyon South Rim in the winter.

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